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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

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Digital Media Wales

Based in Cwmbran, South Wales, I supply professional, affordable, responsive websites and stunning digital marketing media with over 30 years experience.

So, if you’re based in or around Gwent (AKA Torfaen) and need a nice, happy, local business to to help with that website or discuss any fancy graphics you need, give me a shout and I can swoop by for a friendly chat over a cuppa (biscuits not required but they do spark the old grey matter).

I have been supplying site and design services for individuals and businesses across the globe since the internet was born (or shortly after). What started as a hobby evolved into a career; it’s always nice to work in a field in which you have a passion for. This makes me quite unique. Contact me today and help your business succeed and stand out from your competitors.


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Great websites are built with fantastic design. I can help you get that stunning website that you have always dreamt of, great looking design whether that be on a desktop or your mobile phone. Graphic design is at the core of everything I do, I love it. Nice design, beautiful graphics, awesome type, I could go on forever. I design everything from posters, social media graphics, signs to brochures, van graphics and everything in between.




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